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Considering energy efficiency in your window selection? SeriousWindows provide unparalleled insulation, triple glazing, and highly insulated frames. These one-of-a-kind windows can help in LEED accreditation and meeting Passive House standards.



SeriousWindows set a new standard in energy efficiency, increased indoor comfort and cost savings, with the design and style you expect from premium windows.

Available in fiberglass or insulated vinyl frames, and in a variety or pre-finished colors, all SeriousWindows and Doors are low maintenance and designed to enhance the beauty of your home and save you money throughout your home's lifetime.

SeriousWindows Specs

Efficiency 4x Of Other Major Brands

Windows are the biggest source of heating and cooling energy loss in homes. That is why Serious Materials looks at the entire window glass and frame. By dramatically increasing the full-frame R-Value, which denotes energy-efficient performance, SeriousWindows can return tens of thousands of dollars in energy savings. And placing windows with different R-values on the NE and SW sides of your building will increase its thermal efficiency.

SeriousGlass at the heart of the windows

For more than a quarter century, Serious Materials' SeriousGlass windows have been the high-efficiency window of choice for hospitals, office buildings, schools, custom homes, libraries, museums, art galleries, schools and colleges.

Saving Money While Helping the Environment

Serious Materials is dedicated to creating building products that enhance the beauty and comfort of homes and businesses while saving money and the environment. Not only are Serious windows extremely energy efficient, they often require less energy to manufacture.

You get the best of all worlds style, comfort, performance, cost savings and the warm feeling that comes from doing something good for the environment.